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Bridge Street and subsequently Bridge Lane derived its name from the first bridge erected in the Sydney colony over the Tank Stream. The first timber bridge was built over the Tank Stream by convicts in 1788 and was later replaced by a more permanent stone structure. By 1807 Bridge Street has become Sydney’s most prestigious residential area.

Bridge Lane has historic significance for its high archaeological potential as the location of Sydney's first freshwater supply, an early residential area and is a rare surviving example of Victorian Sydney lane networks.


Andrew’s renovation of the Establishment is a standout example of his ability to blend the old and the new, finding efficient but aesthetically outstanding solutions to challenging and complex sites.  Andrew exposed the raw beauty of the heritage fire-damaged George Patterson Building, retaining the iron columns and ornamentation in the main bar, and working around the burnt-out tower and its timeworn industrial features in the rear to create a dramatic expansive glazed atrium bar.  Responding to the client’s needs for a multiple use development, Andrew seamlessly blended with the old building a low-rise tower of serviced apartments, hotel and offices, and incorporated two separate heritage buildings with their own street frontages and idiosyncratic features to become stunningly renovated and iconic eateries.

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